Keeping your website fresh is important.

Here's an easy way to let the pros do it for you.

The 2think solution for website maintenance is clever and easy to use. Once you sign up for one of our maintenance packages you will recieve a username and password for your maintenance account. Also, within 24 hours of sign-up you will find a small "key" icon at the bottom of your website. At this point you are ready to start making updates. Simply click on the key to login. If your username and password is accepted then your key will turn into an "edit" icon. Click the edit icon and start adding edits--2think professionals will receive them immediately and will have it completed within 24 hours.

See it in action

Click here to see a demo of this tool.


We currently offer three packages: think10 (10 edits/month), think25 (25 edits/month) and thinkUnlimited (Unlimited Edits).


(10 Edits/Month)


(25 Edits/Month)


(Unlimited Edits)
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